Costume Jewelry

All that glitters is not gold. Costume jewelry refers to jewelry that is made of less valuable materials, including base metals, glass, plastic, and synthetic stones. These are used in place of precious metals and gems. Also called “Fashion jewelry,” costume jewelry is mostly inexpensive and flashy. Costume jewelry is not an asset for it is mainly used for fashion purposes. Because it is often used for stage costumes, it is called “costume jewelry.”Silver over brass and gold over silver are favorite combinations. Crystals have also found their way into fashion jewelry. Ivory is extensively used to create fashion jewelry for men. Low value costume jewelry involves the use of plastic and even acrylic. The majority of costume jewelry is handcrafted. Rings, bracelets, chains, pendants, earrings and necklaces are popular items of costume jewelry. These are crafted using gems such as amber, amethyst, aquamarine, freshwater pearl, garnet and opal.A little care taken will go a long way in preserving the glitter of costume jewelry. After usage this type of jewelry must be wiped with a soft cloth since body sweat dulls the metals used. Fashion jewelry must be kept separately in the pouches or velvet boxes that they originally come in.Never dip this jewelry in strong solutions, for it could alter the color of stones or even displace the epoxies used. Hair sprays and perfumes must be used prior to wearing costume jewelry. Costume jewelry will need periodic maintenance. They may need re-polishing in gold or silver. Dull gems must be replaced with brighter ones.There are several advantages in buying costume jewelry. First of all, costume jewelry is inexpensive, but it is varied in style as real precious jewelry. Many times, it’s an exact replica of the original, giving the buyer the satisfaction of wearing a near original piece. Since it is more affordable, many pieces can be bought for the price of one expensive piece – allowing for the wearer to have more options when it comes to their jewelry collection.